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“Real Parkour - can’t be taught...it can only be discovered”. With this line the book “The Parkour Road Map” had me from the first page. Max Henry, long time practitioner from New York, lays out his book as a guideline towards this discovery. He brings together the scattered online history of Parkour, from blog posts to the most significant videos in chapter 1, and then breaks down the Parkour basics in chapter 2. In Chapter 3 and 5 he gives tips and advice to advanced practitioners regarding strength and mental training and a little philosophical detour in chapter 4. The last chapter is dedicated to musings about the future direction of Parkour.

Reading this book felt like sitting down with a good friend in front of the computer and reminisce about our journeys in Parkour. Chapter 1 for me was a nostalgic experience, clicking on many of the provided links to check out old videos and documentaries I almost forgot about. I also enjoyed the second chapter, which gives a thorough overview on the basic Parkour techniques with very good tutorial recommendations and cues. 

The third and fifth chapter are filled with technical details and advice and the wealth of wisdom that Max provides is unreal. The book also contains great programming for advanced strength training through sprints and weightlifting. Finally getting to know the training protocol for Max’ power and control is worth the purchase alone.

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About the writer: We are Isa and Paul from Spain and Germany and we write, draw and take pictures of traveling, urban exploration, Parkour and whatever else interests us.

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The Parkour Road Map – Roots of Parkour

We’re in no way affiliated with Max, but as supporters of his Patreon campaign we received a PDF copy of the book. We simply want to support and share what we think is good and helpful in the development of our sports / practice / art and community.

With the Parkour Road Map, Max created a comprehensive guideline, pointing to thousands of hours of content, ranging from origin stories and where to find the very first Danny Ilabaca videos, to barefoot training and programming for the advanced practitioner.

The book is available at a range of prices, allowing anyone who is sincere and wants to find out more, to venture on with a near-to-complete map to the parkour-kingdoms.

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